Ghastly (ghastlycomic) wrote,

Averaging two a year.

I've been in six plays now. Gosha Romanikov in The Suicide, Dean Rebel in Trafford Tanzi, Major John Anderson in Fair Liberty's Call, Tye McCool in Vieux Carre, Robert in Escape, Gerald Thornton in Time and the Conways, and now Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror Show.

The Suicide was fun because it was my first play. I got to write my own musical monologue as well as compose all the music for the play. I was also trained in the art of clowning by a professional clown who studied in Paris.

Trafford Tanzi was fun because I was trained by professional wrestlers. I was allowed to compose new music for the play, be music director, and play with my band.

Fair Liberty's Call was fun because I got trained in black powder weapons and got to fire one live on stage. And I had to cry real tears.

Vieux Carre was fun because my character was named Tye McCool and I had a really cool scene where I played piano while telling the story of a murdered stripper.

Escape was fun because in addition to composing all the music and playing Robert, I also got to play a whole host of other different characters each with their own unique voice (Victorian insane asylum guard was my favourite).

Time and the Conways was fun because I got to do my James Mason voice and be so devilishly sophisticated and charming (plus I lost my voice for the last performance and had to be overdubbed by Brian Morton).

And I don't think I even need to explain why Rocky Horror Show is the most fun of them all. This has been one of my two big dream roles since even before I started acting.

Now if I can just be cast as Hedwig in a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch I will die a happy boy/girl.
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